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Welcome to my website and thanks for your interest in my work. I'm doing my best to keep information up to date, but it's not easy, so please bear with me!

If you are looking for a copy of one of my publications, feel free to send me an email, ideally via my address at the University of Edinburgh, which you can find here. Another option is to identify the publication on ResearchGate and send me a request there.

I am Professor of Public Education in the Centre for Public Education and Pedagogy, Maynooth University, Ireland, and Professor of Educational Theory and Pedagogy at the Moray House School of Education and Sport, University of Edinburgh, UK, where I am also deputy head of the Institute for Education, Teaching and Leadership. I hold a Visiting Professorship at the University of Agder, Norway, and have recently completed a Visiting Professorship at Uniarts, the University of the Arts, Helsinki, Finland. 

I am co-editor of the British Educational Research Journal, co-editor of the Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education, and associate editor of Educational Theory. I co-edit two book series with Routledge: Theorizing Education (with Stefano Oliverio), and New Directions in the Philosophy of Education (with Michael A. Peters, Liz Jackson and Marek Tesar).

I have a PhD from Leiden University the Netherlands (1992), a degree in education from Leiden University (1987) and a degree in Philosophy from Erasmus University Rotterdam (1989). I am a former Spencer Post-Doctoral Fellow with the National Academy of Education, USA, and have received Honorary Doctorates from Uppsala University, Sweden; Örebro University, Sweden; and the University of Oulu, Finland. 


I have worked at Universities in Luxembourg, Scotland (University of Stirling),  England (University of Exeter; Brunel University London), and the Netherlands (in Utrecht, Leiden and Groningen) and have held Visiting Professorships at NLA University College, Norway;Örebro University, Sweden; Mälardalen University, Sweden; and ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, the Netherlands. 


From 2015 until 2018 I was an associate member of the 'Onderwijsraad' (the Education Council of the Netherlands), the main government advisory body on education. Since April 2016 I am a scientific advisor of Verus, the Association for Catholic and Christian education in the Netherlands. In 2020 I was appointed by the Dutch government to the Scientific Curriculum Committee which is to provide advise about the final stages of the reform of the national framework for the curriculum for primary and secondary education. 


please note

* Please note that I do not work during weekends, so if you sent an e-mail on Saturday or Sunday, it is likely that it will not arrive. Please resend your message during weekdays. Due to the very large number of e-mails I receive, I am not able to reply to all messages. Thanks for your understanding.


If you wish to get in touch, please send me an e-mail.

If you want to stay updated about publications and activities, please follow me on LinkedIn.

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